Wireless CarPlay Adapter via USB Plug and Play

Factory-Wired CarPlay Wireless Adapter Plug-and-play adapter for CarPlay 2023 upgrade changes wired to wireless Fast and easy to use. Fits iPhones and cars made after 2016.

Set up is easy. Plug the Wireless CarPlay Adaptor into your car’s USB port using the cord that comes with it, pair it with your iPhone, and you’re good to go. Done with cords. Use Bluetooth and WiFi to do things that were previously impossible; Perfect play.
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Benefits of a wireless CarPlay Adapter

  • Free from wires
    Experience previously unattainable conveniences with Bluetooth and Wifi.
  • The perfect play
    To provide a consistent and reliable CarPlay experience, we developed our own unique chip in-house and sourced the main module from Apple.
  • Quick and easy hookup
    To program and then ignore
  • To include your phone, yes
    The iPhone 6 up to the iPhone 14 Pro are all supported.
  • Stampeding bugs
    Simple and free firmware upgrades
  • Resolved issues
    All of your queries are answered and your product is set up or updated by our 24/7 technical support team
  • Proven Effectiveness Backed by a Yearlong Global Warranty
Wireless CarPlay Adapters
The wireless CarPlay adapter lets you use the CarPlay feature on your iPhone in your car without having to plug it in.
With the adapter, you can use the touchscreen display in your car to directly access all of your iPhone’s features and apps, like phone calls, texts, music, and more. The adapter is easy to set up and use, and if your car supports it, it lets you charge your phone wirelessly.
It works with most cars that come with a CarPlay system already installed, and it works with all iPhone types that can run CarPlay.
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