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BMW Navigation Systems

Types of BMW Head Units

Now, let’s determine where your Entrynav Evo head unit fits within the BMW head unit lineup. It falls under the category of entry-level BMW navigation systems, alongside Entrynav, Entry, and CHAMP2.

Here’s an overview of how BMW head units are categorized within the broader BMW navigation system range:

  • Navigation/Navigator Plus/Business Navigation: MASK, CHAMP, CHAMP2, CIC-MID, ENTRY, ENTRYNAV, ENTRYNAV EVO (or ENTRYNAV 2)
  • Navigation System Pro: CCC, CIC, NBT, NBT EVO ID4/ID5/ID6
  • BMW Live Cockpit Pro: MGU (in iDrive 7.0 and iDrive 8.0)

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Types of BMW Navigation Systems

Before delving into the advantages of the Entrynav2 head unit, let’s familiarize ourselves with the various categories of BMW navigation systems. In general, there are five sets of codes that can help you identify the type of navigation system in your BMW:

  • S606A (Business Navigation): This system is exclusively available for sale in Europe.
  • S6UNA (Navigation): Sold in both the US and Europe.
  • S6UPA (Navigation Plus): Offered in Europe and the US.
  • S609A (Navigation System Professional): Available in both Europe and the US.
  • S6U3A (Live Cockpit Professional): Also accessible in both Europe and the US.

The Business Navigation, Navigation, and Navigation Plus systems are often referred to as “entry-level” navigation systems, as they form the initial tier. These systems provide essential navigation functionalities. Beyond these, you’ll find the Navigation System Professional, often dubbed “pro nav,” and the most recent update, Live Cockpit Professional. Live Cockpit Professional represents BMW’s venture into the realm of smart technology, alongside the fully digital iDrive 7.0 and 8.0.

Comparing Entrynav EVO and NBT EVO ID6

People often find it challenging to differentiate between the Entrynav Evo and the NBT Evo ID6 head units because of their similar appearances. Both of these are BMW navigation system models manufactured between 2016 and 2020.

It can be quite challenging to distinguish between these BMW models just by glancing at their screens. Therefore, let’s delve into the details to understand how they differ:

Entrynav EVO vs NBT EVO ID6

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